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Poker is a 15.3HH Thoroughbred (ex-race horse)
born in 1980. He has been with Erica since 2000,
and although he doesn't compete anymore, he is
a very capable jumper both in the arena and
cross-country. He is a good mount for beginner
through intermediate riders, and loves to do flying
lead changes! Of course, at his age he is sure
that he knows the best way to teach students,
making every effort to take care of his rider!



Scarlet has also been with Erica since 2000. She
is a 14.3HH Arabian and was born in 1999. She
was born at, and purchased from, the same farm
as Poker, so the two are very attached. Poker acts
almost like an uncle to her, trying to make sure
that she doesn't get in too much trouble!

Scarlet has been in competitions since she was
4 years old, and has competed at the MSA series,
the Frying Pan park indoor winter series, the
Lexington VA Starter Horse trials, and the Arabian
A rated show circuit.

Scarlet is a great jumper and is schooling 3rd
Level dressage.  She loves hunter paces and is
very sociable with anyone who visits the barn.

Scarlet is used in lessons mostly by intermediate
and advanced riders.



Dee is a 14.2HH Quarter Horse mare born in
2000.  She is a good beginner horse, although a
bit stubborn at times, and she definitely makes
her rider work for her performance.



Ashlyn is a medium pony standing 13 HH and
has very interesting appaloosa-type coloring.  
She is ridden by our smaller intermediate



Beautiful large paint mare that is being leased to
us, Dakota is primarily dedicated to our
Therapeutic Program, although she does teach
the occasional beginner and advanced
Our Lesson horses are caring and generous animals that help students learn how to ride in a fun and
safe environment.  We recently lost a treasured member of our equine family - Angel.  Please visit her
memorial page to learn more about her and the joy she brought to everyone who knew her.