Lessons are conducted in 10 week semester blocks. The 10th week is a make-up week, in the event
that the student must cancel a lesson within the first 9 weeks. New students don't have to wait until the
beginning of a semester to sign up for lessons. Call us to find out more about our lesson
program! 301-792-1033.

Weekly Private 1/2 hour lesson: $275/semester ;  
Weekly Private 1 hour lesson: $500/semester;  
Weekly Semi-private 1 hour lesson: $275/semester;  
Weekly Group 1 hour lesson: $225/semester

Visit the Calendar page to see the semester schedule.

Visitors to the area can purchase individual lessons at $70 for an hour private lesson, $35 for a half
hour private, or $35 for an hour semi-private.

Serenity Cove Stables provides lesson horses for those that do not have their own horse, but we also
accept students who wish to trailer their horse to the farm for a lesson. For these students in particular,
we offer a wider array of lesson options beyond our standard Hunt Seat Equitation program, such as
dressage, cross country, and jumper lessons. All horse/riders must be evaluated prior to acceptance
into a particular level of lesson. Single lesson rates are as follows:

Students who own their own horse (Trailer-in):
1 hr Private: $60
1/2 hr Private: $30
1 hr Semi-Private: $25 per student (3 students)
1 hr Group: $20 per student (4 or more students)

Students that qualify can also purchase practice rides for $20 each, or participate in our lease program
(see "Lease" page).


Riding Attire:   

Helmets are available at Serenity Cove Stables, but students should purchase their own at their
earliest opportunity.
Helmets must be on and buckelled at all times while riding.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Hard sole boots (minimal tread) with a small heel should be worn every lesson.  
Riding breeches are preferred, but stretch pants or jeans are acceptable.
No earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or loose fitting clothing please!  They are safety hazards.
Hair should be neatly tied back.
If you choose to wear chaps, they must be worn with full length pants (no shorts).
No gum chewing while riding!
Students preparing for shows must wear boots and breeches to their lessons throughout the show
Need to buy riding gear? Visit Canter Lope Horse Tack. Located in Callaway off of Rt. 5, across from
the Food Lion and behind the Bear Creek BBQ and Grill.


Lesson Structure:   

Students in 1/2 hr Beginner lessons prepare their horses as a part of the lesson.  Arrive 5-10 minutes
before the scheduled lesson start time.
Students who have advanced to Novice level lessons (private or semi-private) must prepare their
horses themselves, and have their horses ready within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time of the
lesson. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled lesson start time.
Students participating in semi-private lessons that are frequently tardy (more than 5 times), will be
dismissed from the semi-private lesson format.  Being late to your lesson is a disruption to the other
students and is not fair to them.

Note: Beginner riders, or riders with less than 2 years of experience are encouraged to take private
lessons for their first semester.  Lesson duration includes logistics such as, but not limited to: the
instructor helping during tack-up; leading the horse to/from the ring; mounting/ dismounting; and
cooling out the horse.  Therefore, a 30 minute lesson will result in approximately 20-25 minutes of
actual ride time, and a 60 minute lesson will result in approximately 45-50 minutes of ride time.


Cancellation Policy:   

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must contact your instructor no later than the day before the
scheduled lesson. Cancellations the day of the lesson cannot be accepted, and will be considered a
no-show (the lesson is forfeit). Instructors will contact you directly if your lesson must be cancelled due
to inclement weather. If you don't hear from your instructor, you should assume the lesson is going to
take place. Cancelled lessons (with proper notice given the day prior) can be rescheduled as a
make-up lesson in the last week of the semester. ONLY ONE CANCELLATION PER SEMESTER can
be accepted. Contact the farm for further details.


Horse Shows:   

Serenity Cove Stables participates in local horse
shows all around Southern Maryland. The heart
of the show season is throughout the summer,
and that is when the majority of our students
participate. Students who wish to participate in
shows must be evaluated by their instructor first.
Students are welcome to sign up for any shows
in which the farm intends to participate on a first
come, first serve basis.
Serenity Cove Stables
Students of any riding level are accepted at
Serenity Cove Stables.  The minimum age
accepted into the program is 7, however all
students must be evaluated for riding level
prior to acceptance into the lesson program.  
Although we do accept adult students, we
cannot accommodate riders that weigh over
200 lbs.  

Click here to meet our horses
Lessons are offered in the mornings from 9am to 12pm and in
the afternoons from 3pm to 8pm, Monday through Saturday. Adult
lessons are also offered, and our morning slots are often an
ideal time for stay-at-home adults, or adults with flexible work

All riders entering the lesson program without prior horse
experience must begin their instruction in 1/2 hour private
lessons until they can comfortably walk and trot.  At that time,
they will graduate into an hour long semi-private lesson of 3
students.  Hour-long private lessons are also available for
students that need individual attention,  as are hour-long group
lessons of 4 or more students for the more advanced riders.

Each senior instructor has 20+ years of instructing/training
experience and is certified to teach beginner through advanced
riders. Visit our Staff page to learn more about our instructors! All
riders will have dressage fundamentals infused into their
lessons, whether they ride dressage, hunt-seat, or english
pleasure. Our goal is to develop well-rounded equestrians that
are educated in all aspects of horsemanship.

Scroll down to learn more about our lesson Fees, appropriate
Riding Attire, Lesson Structure,  Policies, and Horse Shows.