Therapeutic Riding Program
Serenity Cove Stables

Serenity Cove Stables is pleased to offer a Therapeutic Riding Program for the benefit of residents in
the Tri-County area. Since the late 1960's, years of documented studies have revealed that The Horse
is a valuable therapeutic and healing treatment tool that is capable of enabling significant
improvements in the lives of people with special needs. With the guidance of trained and qualified
personnel, the motion of a horse, and the warmth and rhythmic swinging motions of it's back, have
long been a positive influence for those experiencing the physical and psychological symptoms of a
great many different disabilities. Serenity Cove owner Erica Gowen
is committed to offering local
residents a safe, productive,  and high quality Therapeutic Riding opportunity
to the St. Mary's county

Through Riding Therapy, balance and gait are enhanced or restored, and games aboard horseback
encourage hand-eye coordination, attention span, and socializing. Best of all is the joy of watching
children who have never walked, or who have no hope of walking, being placed on a horse and
discovering the thrill of having living legs beneath them for the first time in their lives. Many of these
children have gone on to learn to control their horse and direct those legs to carry them wherever they
might wish to go.....for a walk in the woods, and up and down hills, where even a power wheelchair
would be unusable. Therapeutic riding changes outlooks, and changes lives, allowing treatment
modalities to be performed outdoors in nature's classroom, instead of the traditional and sterile
setting of a therapist's office. For those who participate, especially young children, riding day is always,
without exception, the favorite day of the week!

Effectiveness and safety in the field of Equine Assisted Therapy is gathered by years of study and
"hands on" experience working with both horses and special needs people of all ages and situations.

If you or a loved one with special needs would like to experience therapeutic riding's many benefits,
please feel free to contact Serenity Cove and allow us to evaluate and serve your needs. We are here
because we simply respect that noble creature known as The Horse, and because we want to share
in his ability to enrich and improve lives. A trained team of specialists consisting of a therapy horse, an
instructor, and "side-walking" aides are anticipating the opportunity to help you or yours in going on
possibly one of the greatest adventures of your life!

If you love horses, and you love people, we encourage you to come join us at Serenity Cove as
volunteers working in Equine Assisted Therapy - one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do.

Erica Gowen                                                                
Serenity Cove Stables, Leonardtown, MD             
Farm Phone: 301-475-7989                                   
TRP Rates are as follows:

Half-hour private session:

Full hour semi-private session:

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